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Lojban is a constructed, syntactically unambiguous human language created to reflect the principles of logic.

Lojban is phonetically unambiguous, meaning that every sound corresponds to a single letter. Any Lojban statement can be written using only the twenty-four characters of the Lojban alphabet.

The Lojban alphabet is like English, with a few rules and exceptions.

a as in palm, e as in get, i as in machine,
o as in more, u as in tube, y like the u in fun,
c like the sh in shop, g as in gum,
j like the s in treasure, x like the ch in Bach,
' as a short h sound, and . as a short pause.

Lojban is lexically unambiguous, meaning that each word has a distinct meaning, spelling and pronunciation. Lojban has no homographs, or homophones.

Drani 3d2cbe7033bf697e215eece42df7049e7d764e9fa04f4246b642075331b13dbc drani right

Kurjga 6311ab9c4884bbed344ab3da0fce38f5d9eb7a1800736d56ac3cf05b12767f0d kurjga right

Pritu 4aae956b26236be144c2eb33227ef9c49c2028a97f3003a92c2215f83f85018d pritu right

Lojban is syntactically unambiguous, meaning that any sentence can be interpreted only one way. Lojban relies on scope and word order to determine the relation between words.

mi klama lo banxa ki'u lo nu carvi kei na ku I didn't go to the bank because it was raining. It was raining, and because of that I didn't go to the bank.

mi na klama lo banxa ki'u lo nu carvi I didn't go to the bank because it was raining. It's not true that because it was raining I went to the bank.

Lojban allows for semantic ambiguity, which means individual words may refer to different things. Lojban pronouns have no default case, animacy, or gender.

Mi ad5418c4206927b5095998d83c19ced7ab3bf551b2d1b193074e728b170c889b mi I

Sevzi 0231d51ee0dfb4916571f6aec90d61e42257f422f663de3812f532fbcbda059e mi me

Lanzu 3d635f12aee62f342d2c91afee4a58a8154950a2cc91c0edf1d43354600bf8c4 mi us

Ninmu bd2b128678c3328323966a6c784eeed226b71547013ef446ac2707115cd47566 ta her

Nanmu b259cb56f7a3d530cd40495454ef6f93e0f8a64b6f4e06ab18160a3bcad9f788 ta him

Tivni fa442eab09a54635e5b570e49d46f66dbd44bf830df221630b2f5199c2f7d0cc ta it

Nanla b2e306962a2c43443a6f8ea45642fe31b508a40f081791d492237c96443ddaa6 Nixli d122fc6da3126f89714efa1d8b797bf0060d4a39ed783bde4d55c37d366595e8 ta they

Neither do they have default number or tense.

Baplipe 88582faff713cf7bf5c20c88aa240a35e9f32576815c5cd7c9d8d722e54fbee1 plipe jump

Caplipe 70c77a4cc4a47e640756804e9416bc1e605bdaa1d58d486de0ae52089807cf2b plipe jump

Puplipe 46e02f3129d6f00f1c40fd8662fe0df8cdeff5378ea698933583771b843b4050 plipe jump

Xirma a95f8fdde8273abad6423cbc6fb83b140d25d15df1be1ad8eeedf43de4c96c26 xirma horse

Xirma a95f8fdde8273abad6423cbc6fb83b140d25d15df1be1ad8eeedf43de4c96c26 Xirma a95f8fdde8273abad6423cbc6fb83b140d25d15df1be1ad8eeedf43de4c96c26 Xirma a95f8fdde8273abad6423cbc6fb83b140d25d15df1be1ad8eeedf43de4c96c26 xirma horse

However, speakers can express specificity if they wish.

Baplipe 88582faff713cf7bf5c20c88aa240a35e9f32576815c5cd7c9d8d722e54fbee1 ba plipe will jump

Caplipe 70c77a4cc4a47e640756804e9416bc1e605bdaa1d58d486de0ae52089807cf2b ca plipe jumping

Puplipe 46e02f3129d6f00f1c40fd8662fe0df8cdeff5378ea698933583771b843b4050 pu plipe jumped

Xirma a95f8fdde8273abad6423cbc6fb83b140d25d15df1be1ad8eeedf43de4c96c26 pa xirma a horse

Xirma a95f8fdde8273abad6423cbc6fb83b140d25d15df1be1ad8eeedf43de4c96c26 Xirma a95f8fdde8273abad6423cbc6fb83b140d25d15df1be1ad8eeedf43de4c96c26 Xirma a95f8fdde8273abad6423cbc6fb83b140d25d15df1be1ad8eeedf43de4c96c26 su'ore xirma horses

Lojban was created to test the idea that the language we use limits our ability to think. Instead of simple and and or, Lojban uses concepts from formal logic.

A 029a89b13154df9293704f98a50aa41d320b85d698316a80518c6bf66ed988ae la .alis. .a la .bob. stali Alice and/or Bob stay.

E f92a30d5f333e26ff978b34ba4788395bc1823836c35110e064832fc5be0303e la .alis. .e la .bob. stali Alice and Bob both stay.

O 24e484e8bc8479cbb303c5dfef224c91516f79cbb70d254e88ef434485f2ea01 la .alis. .o la .bob. stali Alice stays if and only if Bob does.

U 75d40b0c807ad238bf334edc6f7b09bca4c8e1281770f9bd784c4ecdba183aba la .alis. .u la .bob. stali Alice stays whether or not Bob does.

Onai a1dca3ddec72f692c5d46eaf8b13167fcd44878bfd8d16b36d23865d6263e875 la .alis. .onai la .bob. stali Alice or Bob stay, but not both.

Na a fdcbdf06db96f7440168f21ea0e4298c70fe9dc5c9d05a85b0374d03be5a7608 la .alis. na.a la .bob. stali Alice may stay if Bob does.

Lojban has 1300 root words which take phonemes from the most commonly spoken languages in the world, as to be easy to learn for many people.

tavla From Chinese n, Spanish hablar, English talk, Hindi bakada, Russian govoritʹ and Arabic kalam

This also makes Lojban a strong candidate for an international auxiliary language, since it's more culturally neutral than Esperanto.

Root words can be used together to express more specific concepts.

cliva leave

zifre free

cliva zifre free to leave

They can be combined to expand the Lojban vocabulary.

mi caucni do I miss you.

claxu lacking

cinmo emotion

caucni emotion of lacking

Spoken Lojban uses penultimate emphasis for self-segmentation, meaning that the spaces between words are made clear. There's no confusion between words like ahead and a head.

basna da emphasize something

ba snada will succeed

Instead of nouns and verbs, Lojban sentences are constructed of a predicate and its arguments. Lojban uses word order instead of prepositions to determine the relationship between words.

tavla X talks/speaks to X about subject X in language X

mi tavla do lo badna lo jbobau I talk to you about bananas in lojban

Lojban uses words instead of special characters like quotation marks, parenthesis, exclamation points, and emoticons.

lu coi li'u "Hello"

viska to je tirna toi See (and hear)

xirma .ui Horses! Ui 8d40cc24266a86d1128d22dfdfe6f7993d34e91f7574bcba2eb968cd824c2ec8

The order in lojban is not set in stone. It's possible to say the same thing in multiple ways.

mi klama zo'e zo'e lo gugdeburu
mi klama fo lo gugdeburu
I came via Brazil.

ko kurji ko
ko ko kurji Take care of yourself.

mi nelci do
do se nelci mi I like you.

Lojban can be parsed by machine grammar, and has strong potential for use on computer interfaces and as a programming language. Artificial intelligence researchers have suggested using Lojban in AI development.

mi tavla lo skami fo lo jbobau
I talk to the computer in lojban.

([BH KOhA:mi CU] [BT{G:tavla <LE:lo G:skami KU> <FA:fo (¹LE:lo L:jbobau KU¹)>} VAU])

Lojban is still an evolving language. The Lojban community has translated Alice in Wonderland into Lojban and created a Lojban rap album. For more information, visit

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